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Ash wood slat panels 24" x 108"

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Type: Decorations

AvailabilityAvailable soon

Other feature: Wood veneer,MDF
Color: Drink,Pale
Dimension: 24x108
Effect: Drink
Finishing: Mast
Format: Large size
Shape: Rectangular
Ash wood slat panels 24" x 108"Ash wood slat panels 24" x 108"

Accousti bois panels can be used to create beautiful slatted walls and ceilings that add a modern touch to the room. The panels are sound-absorbing and eliminate reverberation in the room, significantly improving the acoustics of the space.

Acoustic felt improves both the aesthetics and the sound environment. Designed to absorb sound waves, it dampens noise, creating a more comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in your home. The slats are made from MDF with three veneer surfaces. Clean the panels with a dust brush, vacuum cleaner or well-wrung cloth.

Dimensions: 24 inches X 108 inches

Color: Ash

Available mid-June



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