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Everything you need to know about heated floors

Tout savoir sur les planchers chauffants
Heated floors are widely used today. They are appreciated for their efficiency, combined with unparalleled practicality. How do they work? What are their advantages and disadvantages? We tell you everything.

What is underfloor heating?

A heated floor is a heating device installed under the floor covering. Its operation is simple.
  • The heating materials are placed on insulation, installed on a concrete slab. For an electrical system, this is a heating cable. For a hydraulic system, it will be a pipe in which hot water will circulate.
  • The materials are then covered with screed. This is used to smooth the floor surface to facilitate the installation of coverings. The system is compatible with several types of coating. We especially mention parquet and tiles.
You can install underfloor heating in a single room or throughout the house. In any case, it is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout its coverage area. This is one of its biggest advantages over radiators.

What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

Low temperature operation

Older models of underfloor heating operated at high temperatures. Approximately between 50 and 65°C. Unfortunately, this has been proven to harm long-term health. Several cases of heavy leg sensations have been reported. Modern systems now operate at low temperatures. In fact, the temperature felt at the surface generally remains below 30°C. It is healthier and more livable for living beings.

Discreet device

Heating pipes or heating cables are embedded in the floor. The system is therefore more discreet compared to radiators and boilers. However, it is just as effective. In addition, it saves space in the house.

Practical features

You can power the hydraulic underfloor heating using renewable energy sources. We cite, for example, solar panels or the heat pump. It also slightly cools the indoor atmosphere in summer. The electrical system, for its part, requires no maintenance. As we said above, it is precisely the practical aspects that interest users.

What are the disadvantages of underfloor heating?

Its high price is the biggest disadvantage of underfloor heating. However, the investment is definitely worth it given the benefits of the system. Furthermore, maintenance is a little complex for the hydraulic model. Also, this type of installation is rather dedicated to new constructions. Its integration as part of a renovation is difficult and expensive.

To conclude

Do you want to invest in heated floors? At L’Entrepôt de la Réno, we support you in your project. We also offer various materials that could be useful to you. We cite in particular the covering heating wires and the underfloor heating membrane in covering foil. Find out the details by visiting our website. We offer you the best prices. Finally, we are at your disposal if you have any questions.


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