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Current trends for bathrooms!

Les tendances du moment pour les salles de bain !
Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Are you imagining your new home? Take inspiration from current trends to create a functional, healthy and stylish space. Below are the details.

Simplicity combined with practicality

Nowadays, bathroom sizes are quite modest. It is therefore preferable to opt for functional decorative objects. This could be lights, faucets, towel racks or even door handles. These accessories are available in various models, suitable for all tastes. Of course, nothing stops you from adding a few trinkets here and there to make it look nice.

Honor to metal and wood

These days, the combination of metal and wood is very trendy. Opt for metal accessories and wooden furniture. Attention ! You need quality, specially treated wood to resist the humidity in this room. Furthermore, install cupboards on the walls instead. This will free up space at ground level. This makes your bathroom appear more spacious.

The shower rather than the bathtub

There was a time when the bathtub was fashionable. Today we save space. We also avoid wasting natural resources. This is why showers are becoming trendy again. In addition, opt for walk-in showers. They are sober, elegant and suitable for all styles. In addition, they are easily accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Priority to natural

We live in a time where natural has become THE trend. This is true in almost all sectors, including construction. So, let natural light illuminate your bathroom by installing windows. It’s economical and healthy. The sun's rays eliminate many bacteria. In addition, they bring warmth to the room. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to integrate green plants into the decoration. It's beautiful and refreshing. In short, natural is perfect for your well-being. To go further, you can even opt for plants with aromatic properties.

The tiling, still relevant

Tiles remain the best covering for bathrooms. Whether for the floor or the walls. This year, large tiles are in fashion. The effect of continuity they provide brings a certain elegance to the room. In addition, these models are easier to clean. When it comes to colors, it all depends on your taste. Favor black, gray or white for a sober design. Otherwise, opt for brighter colors to brighten up the room. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling too.

To finish

At L’Entrepôt de la Réno, we offer several bathroom accessories. You will find in particular showers, bathtubs and even sinks. Find the details by browsing our website. Our asset? We offer value for money that you won't find anywhere else. Take advantage of our incredible promotion with 40% off wires, thermostats and membranes! We are proud to offer you the lowest prices in Quebec, while guaranteeing the quality of our products. Our threads are guaranteed for life, giving you peace of mind and incomparable durability. Don't miss this unique opportunity to save money while benefiting from reliable and efficient products.


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